Twinmotion renders

The models were created in SketchUp Pro (in collaboration with our 4D planner, Aleks) and then transferred into TwinMotion, with added lighting, context and interactivity.

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TwinMotion videos/animations

Animations exported from TwinMotion using a SketchUp 3D model and other 3D assets – testing timelapse functions and camera motions.

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Unreal app

A simple UE4 application, where I imported a SketchUp model via DataSmith and created different preset cameraviews and construction stages. I also added a simple image slideshow.

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These images were created in Photoshop by superimposing 3D (BIM) models over static 2D photographs.

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Technical illustrations

We were creating hundreds of these kind of illustrations in Adobe Illustrator when working for (Sigma) Kudos – these were mainly for Mobile clients (Ericsson & Nokia) and for the automotive industry (Scania). We also produced e-learning materials for our clients, as a designer I created animations and other graphics for these e-learning solutions.

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