Business to business brochures

These brochures were created over a stretch of a couple of years to suit different needs and clients – they’re all perfect bound printed glossy magazine-like booklets with high quality photographs (mostly captured by myself too).

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SCS JV Branding

I was seconded for half a year to a Joint Venture between several construction companies as they needed new branding guidelines. These works show some of the process we went through (with 2 other designers).

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Bid folders & slipcases designs

These folders are an industry standard way of delivering tender documents (many times 500+ pages) presented in the smartest possible format. The designs are always bespoke, for the specific development project in a specific style but still following brand guidelines.

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Infographics & illustrations

Bidding and tender documents require many illustrations that shows our data in a meaningful manner, these graphics were mainly created in Illustrator.

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Technical illustrations

We were creating hundreds of these kind of illustrations in Adobe Illustrator when working for (Sigma) Kudos – these were mainly for Mobile clients (Ericsson & Nokia) and for the automotive industry (Scania). We also produced e-learning materials for our clients, as a designer I created animations and other graphics for these e-learning solutions.

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Marketing and B2B brochures

These prints were made for SDI marketing campaigns and for its external clients, mainly for Swedish and Finnish companies.

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Social Service booklet

Local Employability Service booklet for a private client – who was left alone by a previous designer with a draft document (fully in Illustrator). The 36pp document had to be redesigned and put together again in InDesign for print.

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Brides Magazine

A 110 page fashion magazine for a private client, who provided the images. The cover design, layouts, typography, graphics and prepress preparations were included in the job.

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Motor Car Pages Magazine

Motor Car Pages Magazine for Loot – Cover, layouts and editorial created in InDesign & Photoshop on a weekly basis.

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